Welcome to Northeast Ohio Association of School Nurses
As school nurses in Northeast Ohio, we are part of the very diverse team providing health services in our schools. It is important for each one of us to remember that teams must work together to win. In our case, a win would represent safe and healthy students. Each one of us has a part to play; both as a team member and in the care/ success of each and every student in our school communities. We need to work on coming together in our common purpose: the health and safety of our students. We are currently faced with a unique opportunity: to embrace each other as team members and work together to move forward together. I invite you to share your voice, experiences, expertise in the process. NEOASN needs YOU as a member of OUR TEAM to effectively promote and advocate for the needs of our students and fellow team members! One voice can make a difference, but voice is coupled with responsibility to act. Now is the time to join or renew you NEOASN, OASN, and NASN memberships.

Goals of the Northeast Ohio Association of School Nurses:
1. Operate as a professional and educational organization on a non-profit basis
2. Promote school health services for the children of Northeast Ohio
3. Promote the interests of the NEOASN’s membership
4. Aid the school nurse to become more effective in the administration of school health practices.