Welcome to NEOASN!

Dear Northeast Ohio School Nurse,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to NEOASN, your Northeast chapter of Ohio School Nurses.  We are a volunteer organization of school nurses, united in providing safe, quality and evidence based nursing care for children in schools throughout Northeast Ohio.  We hope that you feel the sense of pride we share in belonging to our growing chapter.  NEOASN is your forum for professional growth, networking and exchange of innovative practice ideas.  We aim to be an added resource for you in current developments in school nursing practice.  The goals of NEOASN are as follows:

  1. To operate as a professional and education organization on a non-profit basis
  2. To promote and advance the quality of school health services and health education throughout Northeast Ohio

Your membership is our priority.  NEOASN vision and goals can only be obtained if the Board and their committees are attuned to the needs of membership by actively listening.  Our chapter officers are receptive to new ideas on how we can better serve school nurses throughout our region.  We need your input through membership.  We want to hear what you want as subjects for future educational and networking events, tell us what you liked in NEOASN past and also what you would prefer to see changed.

As your president, I am coming to you with a great deal of enthusiasm and anticipation for our growing chapter in Northeast Ohio!  We have some amazing school nurses in our region!

We hope you can attend our next meeting to learn more about NEOASN.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at president@neoasn.org should you have any questions or concerns.


Michele Wilmoth MSN, RN, LSN, NCSN

President, Northeast Ohio Association of School Nurses